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As I told you guys before that right now Kodansha USA has no plan to continue translating Juuni Kokki novel, I have crossposted this thread at Juuni Kokki community and naatz said that maybe we should send Kodasha e-mails urging them to continue translating it, I support this idea.

However, as keroberus1977 said it will take a lot of us to convince Kodansha, just 10 people won't be enough...which is true.

So, first, we need to spread the news as wide as we can. Then we set up the date (or week) to send to Kodansha our e-mail. It should rise their attention, don't you think?

However, based on the reply I got from my previous thread, I only got  replies from 9 people (from this community and Junni Kokki). I highly doubt that Kodansha will take notice if there're only 9 of us.

So, if you are support this idea and ready to send Kodansha e-mail once we set the date (or week), please reply to this thread (like "I'm in! or something like that).

Once we gather enough people, we will set up the date (or week) later, okay?

(I will crosspost this at Juuni Kokki community, where else I should post this?)

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 Since the license reverted back to Kodansha USA, I sent an e-mail asking Kodansha USA when they will publish the next Junni Kokki novel.  Here is their reply:

"Our focus is exclusively on manga at this time; we have no plans to publish novels for the foreseeable future"
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Biweekly 12K Fanfic Challenge #1

Hello, languishing community. In conjunction with riboku, I'm beginning a biweekly Twelve Kingdoms fanfic challenge. More details can be found in this post, but in short: every two weeks I'll issue challenge prompts. There is no deadline for responding. Feel free to post drabble/short fic responses to this community, preferably in a separate post (or feel free to link to a post on another journal).

Questions? Suggestions? Reply here or send a private message to canis_m.


For our first challenge, in honor of Ono's latest 12K story, the prompts are:


2.) Perspectives of the disempowered/"ordinary people" in the Twelve Kingdoms

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[20 Themes] Loyalty

Title: Loyalty
Fandom: The Twelve Kingdoms
Author: inksmears
Theme: 01 - Never To Leave Your Side
Word Count: 1259
Rating: PG
Summary: "Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach." -Tom Robbins
Author's Notes: I've started working on the 20 Themes challenge composed by Japanese 12K fans, as found and translated here. They will all be centered on the Kingdom of En. Enjoy~

( chapter I :: loyalty )